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WordPress – it’s what we do!

WordPress accounts for 62.1% of website content management systems that can be determined (source W3Techs) – and WordPress is all we do.  Want to know why?  Call us!

.com $11.99/yr

.net $15.50/yr

.org $17.65/yr

.us $12.90/yr

Our Services

From Domains to Hosting, all the way to fully managed WordPress Hosting – we have you covered!

Uptime Guarantee

We work to keep your site up. We schedule upgrades in off-hours and we make sure you are aware that we’re working on the servers.  From database or mailserver upgrades, we do all we can to minimize downtime.

Safe & Secure

Keeping your website safe and sound are our top priorities.  From Firewalls to Multi-Factor Authentication, we have the tools you need to stay safe from hackers and script-kiddies.

Secure Backups

With Managed WordPress, your site is backed up to an external cloud system that is ‘external – meaning it’s in a different state to ensure our backups are safe from any environmental or physical harm that might befall them.

Dedicated Support

Need help setting up a database or an email account?  We have you covered.  Want to do it yourself?  Have at it!

We work with you the way you want to work!

Our Features

Enjoy Full Control

You have access to your cPanel – you can upload the site, download the site, backup the site or move the site.  You’re not locked out at all – we promise!

Mobile friendly isn’t just an option – it’s built-in to the sites we push out.

Secure file upload is available to you via sFTP or SSH with Key access.

We host our servers in some of the best connected data-centers.

SSL or Secure Socket Layer Certificates are included at $0 cost.

Need access to your log files for external anaysis?  You got it.

Cloud backups of WordPress sites are included for your security.


Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

File Management

Safe and Secure Web Hosting & Backups

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

We setup your domain behind our Web Application Firewall – blocking malicious IP addresses from attacking your site.

On-Site & Off-Site Backups

We backup your WordPress site both locally and into the cloud (off-site) so that if something goes wrong, we can recover your site for you.

Virus, Exploit & Malware Scanning

With periodic scanning for out of date code, plugins and themes – plus, we’ll check nothing has been uploaded that compromises you or your site visitors.

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

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Easy Setup

WordPress Installed For You

Need a new WordPress?  Upload and install it yourself from cPanel, or call / email / open a ticket and we’ll install it, secure it and connect it to our monitoring and management systems.

WordPress installed by you or by us

Free use of Premium Themes & Plugins

Monitored and Backed Up Proactively

WordPress and Hosting Help when you Need it!

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Web Your Business know how to build and secure a WordPress site.  I’m so impressed that I host multiple sites with them.

Howard Pierpnt

Solutionist, DERA

Web Your Business always offers excellent advice. They’re here to help me when I need them.

Terry Anderson

Realtor, RE/MAX Advanced, Inc.

I’ve used Web Your Business since 2006.  They have redone my website several times and it always looks great. Thank you.

Thomas L. Selken

Attorney At Law, Thomas L Selken P.C.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Technical Support

Submit a helpdesk ticket any time from your control panel or via email.  We’re here to help you not matter the problem and not matter the day of the week or time of day.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our hosting plan and migration help is top-notch – we guarantee it.  If you are not happy with the server, the service, anything – we’ll refund your hosting fees within 30 days.

Security Beyond Your Website

We can help protect your business beyond the website – from firewalls to endpoint protection and much, much more.  If your computers are running slow, we can fix that too!

Contact us to learn more.